Season 1 of [[[Degrassi Future II Wiki]]] consists of #29 episodes.

The season premiered on May 21, 2017.

Plot overview Edit

In Degrassi Future II that we going to see that Avery has graduated from Calgary University with a Doctors' Degree and will be seeing that Avery gets to Jane.

Episodes Edit

  1. To The Future
  2. Welcome Home Avery J. and Jane Torres
  3. Hospitalized
  4. Home Sweet Home
  5. A Phone Call
  6. Jane goes to the store
  7. Jane got home from the supermarket store
  8. Making Process
  9. After Dinner
  10. The Very Next Day
  11. After Breakfast
  12. Avery's Left arm shoulder hurts again
  13. Avery still BLEEDING
  14. Charley's Funeral (1)
  15. Charley's Funeral (2)
  16. Adam gets to hold his newest Nephew
  17. Avery going to be alright
  18. Avery feels better in the middle of the night
  19. Breakthrough
  20. Promises (Fall Finale)
  21. August
  22. Augment
  23. A Different World
  24. Hailey comes home from the hospital

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